Dr. Michael CivinDr. Michael Civin is not new to the field of psychology. He has a lot of experience working in the practice and a great deal of education to rely on too. These are the things that are required in order to excel in psychological services. Dr. Michael Civin has worked in psychodiagnostics, supervision, group, adolescent, and adult psychology. Dr. Michael Civin has been working in the field of psychology for years, both on the academic and the practicing side of the industry. He wrote a book entitled Male Female Email: The struggle for relatedness in a paranoid society. This is a book concerns Internet psychology.

Dr. Michael Civin is the co-founder of a firm called Rose Hill Psychological Services, which was founded in 2008. This is a New York City based firm where Dr. Michael Civin works as a senior psychologist. He also runs his own private practice, which serves the Manhattan, Astoria, and Bayville, areas. This private practice has been in operation since Dr. Michael Civin began it in 2007.

Dr. Michael Civin‘s education began when he attained his A.B. from Havard College in 1968. His Masters of Arts degree came from the University of Oregon in 1970. In 1986 he received another Masters of Arts degree from Adelphi University. In 1988 he got his PhD from that same institution and n 1993 was able to receive his Postdoctoral Certification in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.