Dr. Michael Civin

Most who know Dr. Michael A. Civin, Ph.D., are aware of his record as a clinical psychologist in New York City. And a lot of people do know him. He has been a major player in New York’s psychological services industry for the bulk of his career, which has run almost 30 years now. Over that time, Dr. Civin has not just practiced as a psychologist, but he has also served as a professor or other faculty member at several universities and other institutes of higher learning. His research and writing also has been published in many journals and he has written numerous book chapters.

These days, Dr. Michael A. Civin, Ph.D. continues to accept and treat new and long-time patients throughout the entire New York City region and he is happy to do it all with the highest level of care. That is why he decided to establish Rose Hill Psychological Services about a decade ago. He believes strongly that all successful people should give back to their community, so he helped create Rose Hill to offer the best affordable psychological services to people in underserved communities. To date, as Dr. Civin predicted, that practice is thriving.